ABOUT Addie Dore


Driven by the desire to create and learn, express and explore, Addie, has traveled the US taking in life and putting out energy and art. Her personal journey of self-discovery has allowed her many perspectives and facets in creativity.

The pencil was the beginning of Addie Dore’s interest in art. Copying her sister and mother she began to develop her own style and expand her studies through local classes. Picking the minds of the talent around her she found ease in furthering her depth into fine art. Graduating into a mentor position with Holland Murals in California in 2001, she found success with her own mural business Adore Murals.

Motivated by flow in her medium and passion in her subjects, she creates compositions using pops of color, loose delineation, and blurred lines for contemporary visual interest. She finds a spiritual connection in the creation of each of her pieces. Energy and light inspire her, creating more desire for the process and the expansion her gift. Her fluidity is noticed in the overall feel of her paintings.

From NC Wyeth and Mucha, to Richard Salcido and Tracy Stuckey, she is learning every day, and comforted by the efforts and drive of her dear artist friends. Her fellow emerging artists inspire, while established artists, teach her to keep exploring new techniques.

Addie Dore’s murals have graced businesses and homes from Pennsylvania to California, and portraits from Maine to Washington. She is currently working on a collection of fine art to be unveiled on her website www.addiedore.com @addiedore

A.DORE is self-represented and takes clients on a limited basis. Inquire about her availability: